Regardless of the building’s type and purpose, making it secure at all times is in everyone’s best interest. One of the traditional and effective ways is by managing and controlling who is allowed to enter and exit the facility which is a definition of an access control system.

Therefore, investing in it for securing a commercial or residential property is a necessity, and the first step is establishing which type of access control is the most suitable one. Besides the primary purpose, which is enhancing the security level of the building, these systems will simplify the entrance and exit procedure and therefore reduce the crowds. Additionally, the access control system can significantly decrease the energy bill since it will automatically turn off the unnecessary lights and devices in the unoccupied areas.

Stay with us and learn more about the most adequate access control system for your building or turn to our Tekplex security experts today for access control system installations, maintenance and repair.

Keyless Access Control Systems for Any Type of Building

These sophisticated web-based security system solutions go far beyond just monitoring the doors – they provide an easy and convenient platform for managing access to your facility. Traditional keys ensured us some level of security, but as the technology rapidly advanced, we are now presented with the automated multi-practical solution.

Besides not worrying about the lost, wrongfully duplicated keys and costly lock changing, you can easily lock an area or a facility from any PC or card reader. In case that the unique serial number that the person who wishes to access the premises presents is not found in the database, you will immediately be notified about the potential unauthorised access.

Moreover, you can track the movement inside the facility easily since all the information can be stored in the cloud. This system is easy to use and could be customised to perfectly fit your requirements. All you need to do is contact our Tekplex security team today and we will present you with the best possible keyless access control system solution for your commercial or residential building.

Multi-door or Single-door Access Control System

Depending on the size of the building, you can choose between these two options. Multi-door access control systems can be managed from a central point of control, such as mobile application, and they combine multiple access points like windows, doors or smart cabinet locks.

Single-door or standalone access control systems operate from a single control panel and the access point, so they don’t require additional wiring or other components. According to that, they are a suitable solution for smaller buildings or areas that don’t have additional exits. They are easy to install and cost-effective but promise a lower level of security compared to multi-door access control systems. On the other hand, you can always add new units as your business or residential property grows.

Consider Strata Security System and Get Customised Solution

Besides access control systems, strata security systems cover alarms, CCTV and Intercom systems that will ensure your building the ultimate security level. These personalised services will discover potentially weak spots of the property and include the needed control systems.

No matter if you need electronic, cloud-based or keyless access control, our Tekplex Security Solutions team will make sure to install the system from which you will get the most benefits and most importantly, never spend another second worrying about your building’s security.

Additionally, we will provide the full coverage of common areas including parking and lobbies, and prevent illegal garbage dumping which can harm your building’s appearance and reputation.

Contact our Tekplex Melbourne Security experts today and we promise to design and install the best access control system to serve you for many years to come.