When it comes to protecting your home or business with a security system, you have a few options. There isn’t, however, a one size fits all solution – there are pros and cons to each type of system, so it’s important to weigh your options and pick the one that best aligns with your needs.

Generally speaking, there are four types of home security systems to consider.


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Wireless Security Systems  

In a wireless system, sensors communicate with the control panel via a secure radio frequency. If a sensor is tripped while the alarm is armed, it transmits a signal to the control panel, and the system is triggered. However, if the sensors are too far away from the control panel or if there are too many obstacles in the way, the system will not be able to communicate properly.


  • Very simple to install
  • Portable and can be taken with you (if you were to move, for example)
  • A great option for renters, as no permanent modifications are made


  • Batteries will need to be changed fairly frequently
  • Limited range between sensors
  • Can be susceptible to interference from other devices (such as baby monitors)

Best suited to…

Residential properties and small businesses where the distance between sensors is unlikely to interfere with the security system’s operation.


Wired Security Systems

In a wired system, every sensor, control panel and detector is connected via physical wires. It’s also wired into your home’s power supply. These systems are generally considered the most reliable; however, their installation tends to be more complex. It’s a common misconception that they don’t offer the same versatility or mobile functionality, but this is simply not true.


  • A consistent power source (no batteries) and internet connection
  • Alarms will instantly restore after being triggered
  • No ongoing battery changing costs
  • Camera footage is recorded and stored onsite


  • More expensive and time-consuming installation
  • Not suitable for renters, as it’s permanent and cannot be taken with you

Best suited to…

Larger properties and businesses, particularly when security is a concern (such as having a lot of valuables on the premises).

What About Hybrid Security Systems?

It is possible to have a hybrid home security system installed, which combines some wireless components (such as cameras and sensors) with wired ones. In most cases, a wireless receiver is added to a traditional wired system so that it can support wireless sensors (such as cameras, remotes, and glass break alarms).

This sort of option really does allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds – the reliability of a wired system combined with the flexibility of wireless (to monitor those hard-to-reach areas).

Monitored Security Systems

Ask yourself this – when an alarm is triggered, who is alerted? In a monitored system, an alert is sent to a professional team who can respond immediately to any type of threat. If there’s a break-in, they’ll contact the police; a fire, they’ll contact the fire brigade. No matter why the alarm has been triggered, the team will know what to do.


  • A professional team will be keeping an eye on your property 24/7
  • The team have experience in making decisions under pressure
  • Someone will check on your property if you’re not home/unreachable
  • Features a ‘back-to-base connection in case of a power outage


  • Additional monthly fees are charged for 24/7 monitoring
  • Some companies charge a fee for false alarms or unnecessary callouts

Best suited for…

People who are frequently away from their home or business, as it provides peace of mind that your property is being looked after.

Unmonitored Security Systems

In an unmonitored system, only those in the immediate vicinity will be alerted when a sensor is tripped (via audible and visual signals). It’s then up to you, your neighbours or a passerby to react. Some modern unmonitored home security systems can send an alert to your smartphone if a sensor is triggered, allowing you to react from wherever you are.


  • Fairly inexpensive to purchase and install


  • Less protection, as no one is watching your property
  • Requires the owner to react in cases of trespassing, break-in, fire, etc

Best suited for…

People on a budget who are looking to add some security to their property (as even audible and visual alarms function as a deterrent).


Protect Your Home with a Home Security System from Tekplex Solutions

Every property is unique, so it stands to reason that it requires a unique solution. When choosing between the different types of home security systems available, you must weigh the pros and cons before reaching a final decision. If you have any questions about the systems discussed above, do not hesitate to contact the Tekplex Solutions team – we’re here to help however we can.