As you research types of CCTV cameras, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast market on offer. Where should you even begin? 

Understanding the different types and nuances of CCTV cameras is going to give you a huge leg up. Our goal with our beginner’s guide is to better equip you to choose the perfect security camera system to suit the needs of you and your property. Surveillance plays an invaluable role in protecting your home or business – and that all begins with finding the perfect kind of CCTV to keep your assets safe.

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Dome Cameras

This type of CCTV camera gets its name from its appearance. Dome cameras are relatively discreet in appearance, but the recognisable dome-shaped casing is quickly recognisable for many thieves and criminals. Catching a glimpse of a dome-shaped camera can throw many potential burglars off, as it’s impossible to tell which way the camera is pointed. Dome cameras can therefore work wonders in deterring crime and protecting your property.

These cameras are well suited for both indoor and outdoor use, with an unobtrusive design that makes them easy to slot into virtually any location. The dome-shaped shell makes it harder to interfere with the actual camera itself, making it more resistant to vandals. Plus, of course, that incredible 360-degree rotation gives you the ability to fully monitor any area of your property.

C-Mount Cameras

While C-Mount cameras are a bulkier CCTV option, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They may not be able to slot into small spots like a dome camera, but their obvious presence is going to throw off any criminal as soon as they approach your property. C-Mount CCTV cameras are ideal for people who want to change and adapt their field of vision as needed. With detachable lenses, you can adjust your camera to monitor and record at different distances, getting clear images of both far-away and close-up incidents.

With a potential range of beyond twelve metres, nothing slips by a C-Mount camera. Plus, with their tough exterior casing, these cameras are a wonderful option for outdoor use. Even in wild weather, you can trust your C-Mount to stand strong.

Analog Cameras

Nowadays, it seems every device is a ‘smart’ device. Having a CCTV camera with a Wi-Fi connection can come with a great many perks and modern feature, but there are definitely some risks involved as well. Anything connected to the internet is inherently prone to hacking, putting your security systems at risk. Plus, there are some serious ongoing costs involved when it comes to subscriptions to the cloud for footage storage and remote control.

Analog security cameras are a great solution for those looking for something a little more straightforward. A camera hooked up to a DVR or similar recording device, able to project footage onto a television or monitor. Simple, affordable, and easy to navigate!

Day/Night Cameras

The title probably gives away everything you need to know about these CCTV cameras. Day/Night cameras have been specifically designed to operate effectively no matter the lighting in their surrounding environment. These can record clear footage at every hour, round the clock, ensuring that your home or business will be just as thoroughly protected in spite of the light conditions.

What sets these CCTV cameras apart is their extra sensitive imaging chips. This can raise the initial costs, but the results are well worth the price. Factors such as glare, direct sunlight, poor lighting, and reflections won’t hinder a Day/Night camera.

Discreet Cameras  

Sometimes, you might not want a criminal to be able to spot your security camera. Having a discreet CCTV camera means your security system blends into its surrounding area, making it harder to spot and interfere with. Vandalisation of cameras is a common tactic to make burglary or theft easier – so, having your camera tucked away means you don’t need to worry about anyone trying to break it or obstruct vision. 

Sometimes it’s beneficial to make your CCTV obvious, while other times you may not want a criminal to know where it is. In the latter case, discreet cameras are the perfect solution!

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