Whether you are a property manager hired to care for a particular residential space or are an apartment owner who wishes to update the door access solution, you certainly want to pick the most secure and reliable entry option. 

Nowadays, there are various high-end apartment door access control system choices that can enhance the overall residential building’s safety and add a layer of convenience and simplicity at the common and private door entry. 

Numerous multi-unit facilities already included electronic access control systems with key cards or PIN options. If you are an investor who is considering a modernised access control system for each unit, this might significantly increase the property’s value. On the other hand, you can do the same in your own arrangement if you are an apartment owner who wishes to upgrade the current door access control system. 

Tired of the endless search for the keys in the bag or sick of losing them too frequently? Are you worried that the tenants of the building you are competent for as a property manager are not satisfied with the security level? There is a solution, and it is much more approachable than you might think. Stay with us and learn more about sophisticated security system options. 

Apartment Door Keyless Access Control System

Even though the regular key locks can be extremely secure, keyless access control systems elevate safety at the highest level. The need for keys is completely eliminated and therefore, the entry process is much more simplified. Besides that, keyless access control systems operate via sophisticated software that will allow entrance only if the credentials are matching. This reduces significantly any type of security breach.

There are multiple options to grant entry – key fobs, swipe key card, biometrics or PIN. Whichever you find the most attractive and convenient guarantees maximum control over the private premises. 

We at Tekplex Solutions offer various access control system solutions, and keyless access control system installation is one of our strongest points. 

Apartment Intercom Access Control System

Besides the option to manipulate the apartment door, with intercom systems you can have a two-way video and audio conversation with the visitor via smartphone, tablet or at the door. 

They don’t have to be exclusively included at the main residential building anymore since more and more people are seeing the benefits of putting an intercom system in front of your apartment door. Maybe the entry door was open and there is an unwanted guest at your apartment door? You can get the video information about the visitor and decide if you wish to grant them access. 

Remote Control with The Smart-Home System

This comprehensive security system allows you to control everything from home appliances to each entry point via a smartphone app. Sounds too good to be true? You would be glad to know that you can do this even when away from home too. 

You can lock and unlock your apartment door with a single touch and add as many extra features as you want. Smart-home systems support everything from keyless access, CCTV and intercom, to any sort of home alarm. 

If you are looking for a team of experienced and skilled technicians to incorporate all the security elements into your home, you can get in touch with our Tekplex Solutions experts today. We will create a set of customised solutions for you which will keep your loved ones and material goods safe even when you are out of town. 

Contact us today and learn more about our apartment door access control system offer, and we promise prompt and professional installation of any of it.