A home security system can be significantly beneficial when it comes to your safety and that of your family and property. There are many aspects you can focus on depending on your needs. At Tekplex Solutions, we offer a range of options to personalise the most appropriate system.
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One element that can be useful for safety and convenience is a home intercom system. By having this installed, you can have better control over your entry point for increased security and peace of mind. We have a variety of styles and features that you can choose from to suit your requirements.

Intercoms, also known as intercommunication devices, can enable you to decide who to let into your home, increasing your safety and security. Tekplex Solutions can provide, install, and maintain your home intercom system.

What Is An Intercom System? 

When you get a knock on the door or your bell rings, do you always feel confident opening the door? Intruders do not always break into a home. Some are let in. That is where intercoms come in: they make knowing who is at your door easier and safer. 

The system involves two-way communication equipment that allows you to speak to someone who is requesting access to your property. Options include being able to also visualise these people. This avoids the need to physically open the door to identify your visitors. Some options can also allow you to see or talk to someone at your door remotely via a smart device when you are not home. 

As well as enabling you to identify who is at your door to decide who you want to let in, intercom systems can decrease criminal activity because they visually demonstrate that gaining access to your property may be more difficult. This can increase the chance that potential intruders, vandals, and burglars will be deterred. 


What Does A Home Intercom System Involve? 

An intercom system generally involves a control point inside your home, which enables you to answer the notification that someone is at your door, speak to them through a microphone, listen to them via a speaker, and see them via a screen if desired. A smart device can be used for this job as an alternative to a physical element. 

Another main component that is part of a home intercom system is the external intercom station, which includes the microphone and camera. This can be located at the site where visitors access your home, such as the front door, gate, or driveway. 

Home intercom systems can provide control over the locking mechanism if desired. This means you can unlock the door or gate from afar, which can be done using a button or smart device. This can be particularly useful in apartment buildings or homes with long driveways. It is also a great feature to have to make a home more accessible for people who have reduced mobility. 


What Types Of Intercoms Are Available? 

Intercoms have come a long way from the days of one-way buzzers. We can now provide multi-feature options and designs that fulfil your security needs. Our intercoms can be installed as the sole security measure or integrated an existing system.  

TekPlex Solutions can customise the intercom system to include the features you desire to give you the type of control you want, such as: 

  •     Audio
  •     Visual
  •     Recorded footage capability 
  •     Lock control
  •     Wireless system
  •     Wired system

Monitor Who Is Outside Your Home With An Intercom System 

At Tekplex Solutions, we are proud to be a Melbourne company that provides affordable, reliable, and trustworthy installation and products to improve your security. Providing residents in our local area with control over their entry point is an important and valued part of our services. 

Our high-quality intercom options consist of a variety of features to improve your safety and give you the peace of mind that comes with being able to identify and communicate with the person at your door. No matter the size of your property, we can install an appropriate intercom system that is right for you. 

Get in touch to find out more and to organise the installation of a intercom system into your home.