Even though the first thing you have in mind when thinking about the purpose of access control systems is granting entry and exit to authorised personnel, the capabilities of these systems go far beyond. 

If you invest in a high-quality commercial building access control system, you will not just enhance the security level on the premises, but also boost business efficiency and benefit your establishment in numerous ways. After all, if you have an organised and functional security system at your commercial property, it is completely rational to have a workforce that has the same traits. This is how you can contribute to improving the productivity of your employees even. 

We at Tekplex certainly have the necessary skill and experience to tell you more about the topic, but you can also turn to us for commercial building access control systems installations, repair and maintenance. 

Commercial Building Security Enhancement

This might be the most valuable advantage of modern access control systems since there are so many security measures that you can take within one facility. Besides authorising an entry and exit for your employees and visitors, the system can limit access to specific areas inside the building. That is how you can prevent unauthorised access, theft and sensitive data breaches. Controlling and navigating elevators to operate only on certain floors is another useful feature for commercial buildings. 

Except for limiting or prohibiting access to particular areas of a commercial building, there is a way to organise the authorised entries by time. For example, cleaning staff can be allowed at the premises only after or before the regular working hours, while the other employees can enter the building and their offices at the scheduled times. 

Reducing Parking Lot Issues

Securing parking in a commercial building is equally important as taking the same precautions for the facility itself. Commercial building access control systems are vastly used for granting and controlling entry and exit to the car park too. By allowing only authorised vehicles to enter, you will avoid unnecessary jams, criminal activities and general inconveniences. 

Saving Energy and Money

If we tell you that there is a way to reduce your energy bills and more importantly, carbon emissions, wouldn’t you instantly want to know more about it and give it a try yourself?

Smart commercial building access control systems know which areas in the building are occupied, and which are not by interchanging the data with the building management system. Therefore, switching off unnecessary lighting and reducing cooling or heating in the empty areas will happen automatically. Another way how the commercial access control system saves you money is by enabling the premises to operate without the physical presence of security personnel since all their work can be done remotely. 

Access Control Systems Operate Without Any Keys

A stolen, misplaced or wrongfully duplicated key can cause a lot of potential problems. The solution for any key-related issues is easily solvable by installing a commercial building access control system. Keyless entry through keypad locks requires an access code that allows a person to lock and unlock each door where the access is granted. In cases when the employee leaves its workplace for good, their access rights can be removed within seconds which contributes to the overall security of the building. On the other hand, new employees can be added immediately to an access list by a network operator. 

If you are looking for a reputable professional team for commercial building access system installation, you are at the right place. Tekplex Solutions has a long tradition of making the commercial premises as secure as possible all over the Melbourne area, and since we are advocating for advanced security system solutions, you can be sure that we will present you with modern and highly efficient security mechanisms.