Like with any other vital security system, alarms are here to protect us, our family and business premises from intrusions. In the case of an abrupt emergency, they will immediately alert everyone within the property, and more importantly, the authorities.

To perform this circle of anticipated actions, the security alarm system must be properly maintained. On the other hand, it will undoubtedly indicate if there is a particular malfunction that requires an immediate reaction. In those situations, it is crucial to have who to turn to. We at Tekplex suggest you note our number and rest assured that our security alarm repairs Melbourne specialists are on their way to the rescue.

Therefore, we present you with 5 signs that you can easily recognise as a call for a professional security alarm system observation.

Frequent False Alarms as one of the Most Common Nuisance

Besides being quite annoying, frequent false alarms are penalized by the authorities. The reasons for inadequate triggering are numerous – from inappropriate alarm system arming and disarming which you can regulate by yourself easily, to the motion sensor faults or outdated or damaged equipment which need professional consideration as soon as possible.

If you have pets or leave or have a business establishment in the area attractive to the smaller animals, it is most probable that your alarm system will be triggered thanks to their activities. There is a way to put an end to it and go for the pet-sensitive alarm system, and we at Tekplex offer high-quality devices and installation service for this purpose.

You Experience Difficulties with Programming

This may occur after the battery replacement or in case you changed the layout of the house or office. The control panel appears to work fine, but the heart of the security alarm system which is a small interior computer automatically changed the configuration and it won’t let you set it up the way you want to.

A more serious problem comes with you not detecting that your alarm system needs reprogramming, so it will probably fail to perform well once when necessary. This is where regular alarm system maintenance shows to be the most efficient solution. Luckily, our security alarms repair Melbourne team is at your disposal for complete servicing.

Intermittent Beeping or The Light Which Doesn’t Turn Off

These two annoyances usually arise simultaneously, and both indicate that there is a need for security alarm system repair. The good old switch off/on might do the job since the alarm system requires occasional restart like any other device.

However, anything from low battery to system malfunction can be the reason for these problems to occur. No matter the cause, you should act immediately to avoid leaving the premises unprotected.

Disabled Security Alarm System Arming or Disarming

Each time you are arming the security system, you patiently wait for the green light to confirm the action is completed. If the reassuring light is absent, it means the system is not working properly and therefore, can’t provide the needed protection. The same rule applies to the disarming procedure – even when the security code is entered, the system still won’t disarm. Avoid panicking and over-stressing, and simply reach out to your trusted security alarm repairs Melbourne team.

If Your Security Alarm System Failed to Perform When Needed

Unfortunately, most people notice there is a fault in the system once it’s too late. The only thing left to do then is to find effective ways to improve it. By adding motion detectors, a high-decibel alarm system solution or going with a completely new high-tech equipment installation, our experienced and licenced technicians will make sure to present you with a fully customised and most efficient settlement.