To be sure that your commercial property is fully secured, you’ll take whichever steps needed to make that happen. With the rapid technological advance came efficient solutions which will bring the security level at your premises to the highest point. 

Even though there is no way around CCTV and alarm systems since they are still the most effective tools for security enhancement, they come with improved gear and smart systems for remote monitoring and controlling. After all, your goal is to make your premises, data, employees, and visitors safe, so you’ll need all the help there is. 

Our commercial electronic security Melbourne experts can help you design and create the most adequate plan with the essential security features to protect your premises and everyone in it. Even though we offer and structure customised solutions, there are some obligatory electronic security system elements that your commercial property should include.

Multiple Purpose of Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are useful on many levels. Besides their primary usage as an access control device, you can easily monitor visitors through video and audio intercom panels. Nowadays, they can be incorporated with your existing CCTV system which will give you a detailed review of the particular zone. They represent a stand-alone voice communication system, so another thing they will serve you for is a transmission with or from the secured area. 

After all, intercom systems are perceived as the basic part of a commercial security system, so you can find top-quality brands for quite affordable prices. Get in touch with our commercial electronic security Melbourne professionals today, and we will find the best yet budget-friendly option for you. 

Access Control Systems

Being able to determine who will enter the premises and for how long the visit is granted is most of the times crucial for many commercial properties. Moreover, with modern access control systems, you can completely isolate a specific area that contains sensitive data or materials and substances that require professional consideration and handling. 

Quick updates thanks to the cloud-based storage, scheduled automatic locking and unlocking alongside keyless entry are some of the advantages of a solid access control system. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to reduce the electricity bill since the lighting, cooling and heating will be automatically switched off if the area is empty.


CCTV and Monitoring

Video surveillance has been an integrated security part of commercial properties for many years. Nowadays, high-tech security cameras with HD resolution promise clear and accurate footage that can be reviewed as valuable piece of evidence in court. It is proven that there is less chance for a person to commit any type of criminal activity (this relates to both intruders and employees) if their activities have been recorded. 

Our commercial electronic security specialists can integrate CCTV with an intercom and access control system, so you’ll be able to have a clear and constant image of all the movements inside the premises. 

Alarm Systems 

To protect business assets, cash flow and working environment, alarm systems are an inevitable security feature for any commercial property. They come in various types that match their initial intention and combining motion detector, fire and intruder alarm systems is highly advisable. 

We at Tekplex solutions offer a wide range of security services including alarm system installation, repair and maintenance. Turn to us for a high-decibel alarm system installation or put an end to the false alarm triggering with our latest animal-sensitive alarm which is perfect for remotely located warehouses. 

Turn to us today for commercial electronic system monitoring and get 24/7 professional support and consideration. After all, we have the same target – to keep your commercial premises protected at all times.