Even if you take good care of your alarm systems, they might need minor or major repairs from time to time. Like any structure made from different electrical components, alarms can face damages that cause them to function improperly or even stop working.

When these moments occur, it is important to keep calm and give a call to your trusted alarm expert to deal with the matter as soon as possible. If the alarm was installed and maintained properly, the repair will probably not be as costly as you may think or take a lot of your time.

Frequent False Alarms

Besides being incredibly awkward and pose a disturbance for the whole neighbourhood, false alarms can cause you problems with authorities too. The most common reasons for alarm being triggered for no apparent reason are operator error, poorly positioned motion sensors, lack of maintenance and an unprofessional installation.

Besides the incorporated system faults, alarms can be triggered by pets or animals, but luckily there is an easy solution for this – a pet-sensitive alarm system. They can be set for weighing from around 18kg to 35kg which will make the smaller animals pass around your area unnoticed. Feel free to contact our Tekplex alarm system technicians for more information and get your pet or animal-sensitive alarm today.

Alarm System Beeping for No Reason

This is probably the most common issue that residential or commercial property’s owners are facing, and luckily the repair here is fast and simple. If you get to hear the constant or intermittent beeping, it is most likely that you need a battery replacement.

The best advice we can give you is to leave any replacements or repairs to the professionals because the problem might be graver and include wiring or other components damages.

Noticing That Your Alarm System Won’t Arm

When you arm your system, this means it’s put into a secured state. When there is a notification on the control panel that proves that the system is disarmed, it means that your alarm is not ready to react if necessary.

The reasons for this vary, but the most usual one is a faulted or mispositioned sensor. Some alarms will only arm when all secured perimeters like doors and windows are closed. A sensor may wrongly identify that a certain window is open and prevent you from safely arming the system. The first thing to do is try and close all perimeters firmly, but if that doesn’t do, you should contact your security alarms system provider and ask for their assistance.

You are Aware That Some Activity Went by Undetected

In case that your alarm system’s fault wasn’t that apparent before, then you may notice that the system is not working as it should when it misses detecting the intrusion. Firstly, it is important to get in touch with your monitoring crew and check whether they identified the problem. If not, you should most definitely arrange a visit from your trusted security company’s team.

Is There a Way to Prevent False Alarms or Leaving Your Premises Unprotected?

In most cases, regular testing and maintenance will do the job. If you are about to do your first alarm system installation, make sure to hire a professional group of security experts who will conduct the procedures appropriately and leave your premises fully secure.

We at Tekplex Solutions have a long and rich experience in making your offices and homes as safe as possible around the Melbourne area, so you can turn to us for alarm system installation, maintenance and repair even today. Our security system designs are customised and our services highly professional. Write to us via an online form or if you wish to speak to our customer representatives directly, call at 0423 223 895 and we will gladly share all information you require.