Although the aforementioned systems are primarily used as efficient security solutions, their benefits are significantly broader. Manufacturing complexes contain numerous restricted areas which may present a serious safety risk for unauthorised personnel. On the other hand, if the machines used in everyday work, which are already potentially dangerous for an employee, have some additional security technology, it may save someone’s life. That is how much proper commercial electronic security systems are important.  

  1.     Benefits of CCTV in Manufacturing Industries
  • Legal Rights, Legislation and CCTV Code of Ethics

The Work, Health and Safety Legislation commits an employer to provide a safe and healthy working environment for everyone on the site. This law will not only prevent serious financial losses but also serve as a legal and real-life protection tool for an employee. Therefore, as an employee, you should do your best to successfully fulfil the manufacturing company safety task.

However, you must be sure that the CCTV Code of Ethics hasn’t been harmed in any way. The law requires employers to inform staff about the CCTV equipment and the purpose of its usage. You can’t use it to simply observe the staff since there must be a certain legal coverage for it, which is clearly stated in the linked document.

  • It Serves as A Valid Proof and a Safety Enhancement Tool

A video surveillance footage will serve as valid proof in the case of an incident. While overviewed, it can be determined whether the employee was following the safety procedures and company policies or not. Moreover, whoever takes the blame, these CCTV videos can help to take proper action in making the area more secure. Maybe the signage needs better visibility, or protective barriers should be higher or stronger.

  • Visible Cameras as a Reminder of Safety Regulations and Policies

Commercial security systems in Melbourne are getting more innovative by day, but something simple as a CCTV can make a huge difference. Especially when it comes to human behaviour. As the burglar will be discouraged to commit a crime once he realises that he has been actively recorded, it may remind all of us to avoid doing certain things. In manufacturing companies, following specific safety rules can save lives, and according to the theory we just presented, CCTV can contribute to that.

Contact your commercial CCTV Melbourne specialist today and learn more about how you can enhance safety by adding few skillfully installed cameras to the premises.

  1.     Benefits of Access Technology Systems in Manufacturing Industries

The main role of the access control system is to limit the entry of unauthorised personnel or potential intruders. This will protect the business, but also maintain uncompromised safety for everyone working in the establishment. No matter if you own a small manufacturing company or you run a large plant, installing these innovative commercial electronic security systems will make everyone’s life much easier. Moreover, losing the keys will never be an issue again!

  • Keeping the Record of One’s Coming and Goings

Access technology systems are especially valuable for vendor, employee or visitor tracking. Since it’s all automated, you get the data of each entry, retention time, and exit. You can even easily grant a certain amount of time for a specific visitor and therefore control the duration of someone’s stay.

  • Restricting the Certain Areas of The Facility

This is extremely important when hazardous or combustible materials are stored or manufactured at the premises. You can easily keep the sensitive data protected and testing areas deserted when needed. On the other hand, you can easily isolate any part of your manufacturing premises for any reason.

Our commercial security Melbourne experts will create a perfect access control system network for your premises, and all you have to do is give us a call today. If you are ready to bring the safety of your company to the highest level, we are more than up for a challenge.