Any storage facility including a small or sizable warehouse is an attractive target for burglars. No matter the value and price of the items inside the storage property, you want those goods to be safe and stay in your possession. Therefore, investing in the most adequate and high-quality alarm system will ensure your peace of mind.

Usually having multiple entry-points and a significant flow of workers and visitors, warehouse security is often compromised. To make it utterly safe and bring the security level to the highest position, you will need a skilled team that’s up for the challenge. Our commercial security Melbourne experts can present you with the finest warehouse alarm systems, and also perform the installation and maintenance whenever needed.

High-decibel Alarm System

If you want to make sure that everyone inside and around the warehouse is alerted about the possible break-in, then a high-decibel alarm is the right solution for you. This makes perfect sense if your warehouse is not too isolated or it’s constantly active so that the loud sirens can give everyone enough time to act.

Monitored Burglar Alarms

On the other hand, if your warehouse is empty during the night or for longer periods, having a professional team monitoring your premises is crucial. There is not a possibility of unnoticed alarm due to the sophisticated secure alarm-signalling services which instantly alert the commercial security systems Melbourne monitoring experts.

We at Tekplex offer a 24/7 professional supervising service. By covering the alarm systems alongside motion, smoke, water and glass break detectors, we got your back. As soon as we get alerted about the potential burglary, we will notify you and then, the authorities if you give us your consent. No matter which industry you are in or how sizable your warehouse is, we will provide high-end security systems.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

This is an essential component of a commercial security system for any type of Melbourne warehouse, so having it is necessary. No matter if you sell the goods that don’t burn, the chance that your warehouse is packed from floor to ceiling with flammable materials is still high. Cardboards, plastic packaging and any organic material wrapping or coverage will burn fast and relentlessly.

Luckily, fire alarms will detect a fire quickly but only if professionally installed and connected to a smoke detector. Therefore, choose your commercial security Melbourne expert wisely.

Smart Alarm Systems

As you can suppose, these systems are directly linked to your phone on any other smart device. By simply using an app, you will be able to control and modify the current security system settings and configurations. Besides that, you will be immediately notified about any potential hazard. Learn more about the finest example of commercial electronic security here.

Standard and Special Motion Detectors

Most of the commercial security systems in Melbourne use Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector technology which responds according to a heat alteration in a certain area. This may work just fine for most of the premises, but when it comes to a warehouse that is a bit remote or near to a forest and animals, false alarms may be your main disturbance.

One of the best solutions is a special motion detector that can be adjusted to recognise only those movements which respond to humans. Their response is based on a certain weight limit. For example, you can adapt the device to stay immune to any movement under 18-35kg.You don’t have to feel stressed about any security issue when you have a reliable team of commercial electronic security experts by your side. We can handle anything from alarms installation to monitoring and regular maintenance, so feel free to get in touch with us today.