When it comes to educational facilities, keeping students and staff safe is of the utmost importance. However, creating a security system for this type of building is very challenging and it has to be carefully designed to cover all crucial elements.

There are different staff at school, universities or kindergartens, from students and professors, administrators, visitors and substitute teachers so there need to be several different access rights. Besides that, educational facilities can be very large and include several campuses, which means that the security system should be designed to cover every part of it. 

Luckily, the technology evolved, so there are available wireless security systems, modern CCTV, keyless entry, remote viewing, and many other things that will put the safety of the premises and the people inside it at the top. If you are thinking about investing in access control and security systems for the educational facility you manage or own, take a look at some of the reasons why you should do that. 

1. You Can Manage More Than One Building or Facility

As we mentioned before, some educational facilities span acres of buildings. When you decide to invest in high-end access control and security system, you will be able to control everything from one location. You can even connect this sophisticated system with your tablet or smartphone and manage everything remotely at any time from any place. 

2. The Surveillance Video Can Be Integrated With Security System

Security cameras are keeping an eye on things, but imagine if someone breaks-in overnight, and your security officers have to spend hours watching tapes to find out how the thief managed to get into the building. Fortunately, with modern access control and security systems, you can integrate the cameras and make everything easier. You can set them to activate every time someone opens the door or in case that you suspect a criminal action happened at a specific time you can check and see who scanned the access control cards during that period. This will help you find the thing you are looking for much faster, and alert you in case something is happening even in the middle of the night.

3. Lock All Doors With a Single Button

Imagine how long it would take to go from door to door and lock everything at the end of the day. This is especially true for educational facilities with many buildings. With sophisticated access control and security systems, you will be able to lock all the doors with a single click. Keeping in mind that there is a growing rate of terrorism, school shooting and violent intruders, this can also be used to keep all students and staff safe at the shelter until the threat is gone. 

4. Monitor Activities All Over the Facility

With custom-tailored access controls and security systems for educational facilities, you will be able to monitor every corner of the campus or building from one place. This can be used simply to check if everything is going on as it should, or to check why some of the alerts are triggered. You will have live footage from the location you need, anytime you need it without even moving from your office. 

5. You Will Be Able to Focus On Teaching Only

Knowing that the security at your educational facility is put to the maximum with professionally designed and installed access control and security systems, you will be able to focus on what is the most important – teaching. Your students will feel safer and be able to concentrate on learning more easily. The educational system is evolving and so the security measures have to evolve too, so wait no more and contact Tekplex Solutions specialist as soon as possible.