Security is the crucial element in the hospitality industry and any high-end hotel will put it as a priority. After all, the reputation of such an establishment is built on the safety and overall comfort of its guests. If you are a hotel owner, being prepared for risks that include crime, fraud or anything else that could harm the business and its reputation is a part of your job.

You also know that investing in commercial security systems renewal or improvement will most definitely pay off. Today’s advanced tech-world offers a myriad of useful devices and it may seem impossible to decide. Therefore, we will make it much easier for you by presenting the essential hotel security system elements which can withstand the pressure and provide full control over your establishment.

1. Video Surveillance System

Commercial CCTV is one of the most efficient security gadgets. Most commercial and more and more private properties have some kind of video surveillance system that monitors the important areas 24/7.

In a hotel, CCTV is usually covering every part of the building and its surroundings. Adding some extra safety to your parking lot means a lot to your guests and staff, so a camera with a night vision capability is something to consider. Wherever the security issues may occur, additional cameras are advised which includes a cash drawer and the front desk too.

If you want to be able to identify an intruder or suspicious activity on the site, you will need high-quality CCTV equipment. Moreover, to make the system work perfectly, hiring a commercial CCTV Melbourne expert is a must.

2. Keyless Access for an Enhanced Security

This smart commercial electronic security system can be used for both staff and guest access authorisation. Keys can be often stolen or lost, so this innovative method allowing authorized guests to enter a certain area via a mobile phone or by using a special ID card. Keyless Access can be also limited to particular areas only, like pools, gyms, parking lots, etc.

Although it may seem like a complex task, it is all very simple. There are different types of the system, but the authentication is usually performed by a card with ID numbers, biometric readers or tags with microchips. If the software identifies a person’s data as a valid one, they are good to go. If not, you will receive a notification that there was an unauthorized access attempt. Contact your commercial security systems Melbourne specialist and improve your hotel’s security now via a keyless access system.

3. Alarm Systems

It is impossible to imagine a well-established commercial electronic security of an establishment without a perfect alarm system. Besides a loud and clear sign that there might be a break-in, alarm systems will successfully detect any other hazardous occurrence like fire or flood. Besides the well-known high-decibel alarm, silent ones have the same purpose of noticing your commercial security Melbourne monitoring crew and authorities, but without the culprit knowing about it. Having both of these types is a usual practice alongside contact, local and remote alarm systems.

4. Commercial Electronic Security System Monitoring

The days of swatching hours of video surveillance footage to witness some shady activity are luckily over. Whenever there is a commercial security issue, you will be notified alongside the other parties of interest.No matter if anything triggers the alarm or motion, smoke and glass-break detector, your commercial electronic security monitoring crew will instantly register that call to action and act accordingly. The same rule applies to CCTV since the footage of interest will be singled out at the triggering point. If you have some concerns about privacy violations, with the Tekplex commercial security systems Melbourne team, you can be 100% sure that’s not going to be an issue.