Keeping the warehouse fully secured day and night is not an easy task. From equipping it with high-quality and liable security systems like alarms and CCTV to protecting its entry and exit points the best way possible, each segment of warehouse security requires continuous investment and care. On top of that, every warehouse security system demands persistent monitoring too.

Since it is difficult to protect warehouse environments with solely traditional methods and security guards, warehouse managers and owners are embracing the modern alternatives which proved their efficiency.

Access control systems like swipe cards or biometric identification can help you get detailed information about each visitor’s or employee’s movement, but they can also provide information of an unauthorized entry attempt if properly monitored. The same rule applies for CCTV, intercom and alarm systems – they are here to detect particular situations as hazardous, and it is up to an established monitoring system to react accordingly.

This is why warehouse security systems monitoring is crucial in financial loss reduction and workplace security preservation. In the next lines, we will tell you more about its benefits and the best monitoring practices to include in your business, so if you are eager to learn more about the topic, we suggest you stay with us.

Warehouse Security Systems Monitoring Can Deter Crime

If there is an apparent CCTV cameras network included inside and outside the warehouse, it clearly states that you and your monitoring crew have live visual data of activities in the warehouse environment. For a perpetrator, this poses a direct risk, so their initial intention might be sabotaged.

What if the crime happens and it is impossible to identify the criminal over CCTV? Alarm system monitoring offers a resolution. Modern security alarm systems have multiple helpful features like a motion detector, high-decibel siren and wireless option, but the most important thing is their monitoring feature. The most reliable option comes with cellular alarm systems that have an automatic, fast and efficient response. This is how your monitoring crew gets an immediate call to action.

Reduces Losses and Gives a Full Insight of the Employees’ Performances

Warehouses are often targeted for theft since it is a well-familiar fact that they store goods and various stocks. The truth is that the perpetrators come from both outside and inside. Your employees might decide to commit petty theft too, but nowadays there are many ways to reveal their intention and act accordingly.

RFID systems that tag the individual item which then sets the alarm on the gateway is a fine option if you have a small warehouse, but for the large and packed ones, it will simply not work the way you hope. With effective and constant monitoring, you can rewind the CCTV tape, check the access control system data and come to valuable discoveries with the help of your monitoring crew.

Warehouse Security Systems Monitoring Can Save Your Money

There was a time when you needed to hire multiple security guards to keep an eye on everything, which was an impossible task and expensive venture. Luckily, those days are over, and you can entrust your warehouse security to the well-established monitoring system. You might be surprised to learn that it is considered a luxury since it has to be an integral part of each warehouse.

Our Tekplex Solutions security systems experts offer 24/7 professional monitoring service of single or multiple warehouse security systems. As soon as the suspicious activity is detected, our non-stop operating control room receives the signal. The monitoring crew acts immediately and alarms the authorities in case that’s the necessity.

We are one of the most trusted security system installers in the whole Melbourne area, so you can turn to us for security system installation, maintenance. repair and monitoring. After all, it is our ultimate goal to keep your warehouse protected and safe at all times.