To keep a warehouse protected, strong and effective security measures must be included. Burglars are finding alternative ways to avoid traditional security methods, and warehouses have always been a prime target for them. This is why you should be a step ahead and add more efficient security features to keep the warehouse safe day and night.

Having a strategic approach is always a good start. Make sure that your warehouse is protected with the same efficiency during working. hours and why it is completely empty. You should have a reliable monitoring team that offers 24/7 service, so you can always be alerted if there is suspicious behaviour. Finally, educate your employees to react accordingly if there is a potential hazard and make sure that an emergency response plan is clear to everyone in the warehouse.

However, a good choice of modern yet approachable warehouse security solutions can drastically improve the overall safety in your warehouse. You can have a fully automated security system where each component operates without any wires. How about electronic-operating entry and exit points where the keys are no longer a necessity?

If this sounds appealing to you, you can stay with us and learn more about the essential warehouse security solutions which you should include as soon as possible.

Complete Access Control

The best way to gain full control of who enters and exits your warehouse is by having a modern access control system. It includes everything from swipe cards, PINs and key fobs to the retina or facial recognition system. Whatever your choice is, you can expect powerful and highly encrypted access control with multi-factor authentication for each visitor or employee.

If there is an attempt of unauthorised access, the control room will be immediately notified about the situation. Another efficient option that keyless access control offers is securing the particular areas only. If you store valuable goods and products in a single warehouse zone, you can be the only one authorized to access it.

CCTV as the Crime Prevention and Solid Court Proof

Video surveillance is one of the most effective warehouse security solutions. It can even prevent criminal activity if there is real-time monitoring included, but it also serves as a valuable piece of evidence in court in case the theft was committed.

CCTV in the warehouse also serves as a protection for your employees. If there is an injury, immediate assistance can be provided and lives could be saved. On the other hand, putting the CCTV in the outside area of the warehouse allows you to have overall monitoring of the whole property.

Burglar And Fire Alarm System

Modern burglar alarm systems come with a set of practical features like motion detectors, perimeter protection, glass break detection and many more. they can be seamlessly integrated with other warehouse security systems too, so you can have a complete security overview anytime you want. The best part is that you can do all this remotely via a smartphone. The same rule applies to fire alarms which in most cases prevent major catastrophe and serious financial losses.

To be sure that you did your part in warehouse security improvement, you should seek a professional team who will invest all their energy and expertise into creating a customised warehouse security system network.

Our Tekplex Solution team offers that and more. We will meet you at the address, get fully familiar with the warehouse scheme and come up with the best possible option to support its operations. Give us a call today and learn more about our high-end warehouse security system options, or send us an online form now and expect a rapid response.