Warehouse Security Systems Melbourne

One of the most important things in commercial business is the protection of warehouses. By definition, warehouses are the perfect target for thieves, since they contain different kinds of goods. That’s why each company needs a secure warehouse and the best way to provide it is through our security systems.

You can choose the system according to your current business model. Also, you can consider upgrading the system you already have, to make it more functional. We will ensure that all your inventory is safe by combining different solutions to create the best possible protection.

Traditional security systems can be very limited. Oftentimes, they do not protect the whole property. At Tekplex Solutions, we can guarantee that every inch of the warehouse will be covered, from top to the bottom. Our experienced team uses unique technology and we will gladly explain to you the whole process if you contact the customer representatives.

To save you the hassle of using multiple systems, we create a customised solution for each client. First, we will take a look at the property and make the best package combining video surveillance, alarm, monitoring, etc.

Video Surveillance for Warehouse Security

Video surveillance is the most common security system for any type of property, especially warehouses. It can be mounted to rotating pivots or installed in a fixed location, depending on the needs. Also, the big benefit is that you can operate them manually or we can make them automated, whatever fits your preferences the most.

After the installation, we will provide your security personnel with the tools they need, help them with a monitoring station and camera system and explain every little detail. After that, you will have all that is necessary to effectively keep your warehouse secure.

Video surveillance has a lot of benefits and that’s why it is the first choice when we are talking about security. IP security cameras are very flexible and your guards won’t need to watch monitors 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Remote monitoring is another benefit that you will gain if you decide to implement video surveillance. Each client will have live video footage, and you won’t even need to be at the warehouse to watch it. This is especially important if you have multiple properties around the city. 

Alarms for Warehouses

Each alarm system works in conjunction with video surveillance. Together, they create excellent protection against intruders and they can come in several different forms. For example, we have motion-sensing and laser tripwire ones. Of course, the function is the same but each one of them is created for warehouses of different size and design. 

Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection should not be an option, but an obligation. It’s important to protect people who are working at your warehouse as well as the goods. There are several fire protection systems but usually, we prefer to install simple manual alarms, that will detect smoke before it’s too late.

Of course, the equipment will depend on the characteristic of your warehouse and that’s why it is crucial for us to come and see the property before we create any plan for installation. 

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Our warehouse security systems Melbourne can help you with maintaining the safety of your personnel and goods and protect your property from any threat ensuring your business is safe and secure.

Tekplex Solutions offers cost-effective solutions for small businesses as well as complex electronic security for larger companies. We are proud to deliver superior warehouse security systems in the whole Melbourne area. If you are interested in protecting your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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If you wish to discuss your individual needs with an expert from Tekplex Solutions, please contact us at any time.