Home is our private sanctuary where we want to feel safe and relaxed. Just imagining that our home might be targeted by the burglars leaves a bad taste in our mouth, so it is quite understandable that we’ll do whatever it takes to secure it the best way possible. 

Nowadays, residential security goes way beyond having locks on the doors and dogs in the backyard. There is a wide offer of advanced home security options which will give you and your family peace of mind even when you are on a vacation. You can have absolute control over the entire home security system via smartphone or other device, and there are multiple options for electronic-only access system solutions. 

With the myriad of great options on the market, it might be difficult to make a decision. This is why we made an updated list of the crucial residential security components that will create an ultimately safe living environment for you and your loved ones. 

Home Video Surveillance 

An extra pair of eyes comes in real handy as a security update. With CCTV, you can get fully familiar with the activities around the house, parking lot, backyard and garage. 

The greatest tech development of modern CCTV relates to the high definitions and even infra-red cameras that provide clear and genuine footage. Since the CCTV footage is a legitimate piece of evidence in the legal case, you would have much chance to find the perpetrator if the CCTV image is high-quality.  

Putting video cameras in the visible place could discourage the burglars from proceeding with their intention, so CCTV serves as a crime deterrent too. 

Residential Access Control System

Access control systems like keypads, card readers or biometric viewers have broad usage in commercial properties, but more and more homeowners are turning to these powerful and reliable security options too. 

Besides adding more security to your residence, access control systems are convenient and simple to use. Their greatest advantage is that they don’t require any keys, so you can forget about stressing out when you lose a set. 

With the keypad, you get to choose a 4-digit (or more) numeral combination that grants access to those who are familiar with it. The card reader is still not as popular as the keypad, while the biometric is the most expensive but possibly the most sophisticated of them all. 

Burglar Alarm System and Additional Residential Security Sensors

A regular burglar alarm has always been considered a solid home protection tool, but you can update it with some great extra features and rest assured that nothing suspicious will pass unnoticed. 

Door and window sensors tell you when each gets opened while the glass break sensors will alert you to loud noises and broken glass. Motion sensors are a great thing to include with the regular alarm system, but keep in mind that they detect all sorts of movements including kids’ and pets’ activities. 

To limit the triggering, you can get in touch with Tekplex residential security system specialists and we will create a customised solution that comes with our high-quality pet-sensitive alarms. You can also select a high-decibel alarm in case you find the current alarm system siren too subtle.

Ultimate Security Opportunity – Smart-Home Systems

Security automation allows you to have overall control of every security system feature, but also appliances, lights and power supplies. By connecting them in a common network, you’ll be able to manipulate each element individually and even remotely. Worried that you left the oven on or didn’t lock the door? Simply do a quick check-up via a smartphone app and deal with the matter with a single click. 

Our Tekplex Solutions security professionals can perform each of the aforementioned services with the utmost precision and a high level of expertise. All you need to do is give us a call today and the rest is on us.