One of the best ways to protect your home is the installation of security camera systems. However, since they can be accessed over the internet, they can be a perfect gateway for hackers to spy on you.

Because of that, many people don’t want to use these devices, because they are afraid they will lose their privacy. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to keep your security cameras safe from hackers. 

1. Use Strong Password

This is probably the first thing that many of us would do, however, numerous people don’t change the default username and password at all. After the installation of your security camera system is finished, you should set up a strong password. One of the best ways to do so is to combine letters (upper and lower cases), numbers, and symbols. This is one of the best defences against hackers.

2. Keep Your Camera’s Firmware Up to Date

Professional manufacturers of security cameras will regularly release firmware updates to fix possible bugs and patch security vulnerabilities. Some models of cameras will automatically download and install these updates, while for the others you have to do that manually. Don’t forget to regularly check whether your camera’s firmware is up to date.

3. Secure Your Home’s WiFi Network

Since the CCTV cameras are connected to the internet, one of the ways to protect them from hackers is to make sure that your WiFi network is secure. In order to do that, the WPA2 encryption can be included, you can give your router a stronger password or to update the default SSID. You can also turn off guest networking and sharing. There is also a possibility to place the security camera on their network, so even if your cameras are compromised somehow, the hackers won’t be able to gain access to any of your other devices. 

4. Set-up Two Factor Authentication if Your Camera Offers It

This is an extra layer of security, and you can choose the option to receive a single-use passcode via a text message, phone call, the app, or email from the camera company. This passcode should be used in a combination with a username and password you have set. Thanks to two-factor authentication, even if the hackers break your password, they will not be able to find the single-use passcode that the camera providers send you.

5. Buy Security Camera from a Trusted Source

Before making a purchase, we suggest you conduct thorough research and find a reliable company that offers quality CCTV cameras. You should also consider investing in a professionally monitored system, because that will ensure you have a team of experts 24/7 at your disposal, and even if there is a sign that hackers are trying to access your cameras, they will notice it instantly. One more advantage of hiring security system consultants is the fact that they will take care of maintenance and all necessary updates too. 

Want to Learn More about Home Security?

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We can help you protect your CCTV cameras from hackers, or to provide more advanced solutions like smart home systems and many other security-related things. Contact us today, and together we will find the best solution that will make your home safe. We are looking forward to your call or email, so hurry up and get in touch with us as soon as possible.