Due to the constant and high flow of various people alongside long opening hours and equally extended alcohol consumption, commercial electronic security is an essential part of any hospitality establishment that fits the description.

Besides the fact that it’s making your customers and employees feel safer, commercial CCTV is keeping your premises more secure by providing non-stop monitoring over any area of your bar or pub. By keeping an eye on your video surveillance, any vandalism in or around your premises may be prevented, including unwanted employee behaviour.

No matter the size and location of your property, CCTV can be easily installed and fully or partially active whenever you want and need it. Although the system has been around for more than 50 years, you still need to select your commercial CCTV Melbourne expert carefully to get the most of it. However, there are certain regulations that you need to follow if planning to install CCTV at your retail premises, so take your time to read this article carefully. For any further questions, you can always turn to your CCTV installer.

Everyone Feel Much Safer Around CCTV Systems

Your staff might feel much calmer knowing that there is always someone paying attention to any potential vandalism. Especially when they are working late hours with the crowd inside the premises gets a bit tipsy.

CCTV can be installed outdoors too, so you can easily monitor what’s happening around your property including the smoking area, parking, etc. The better the CCTV system you choose, the resolution will be higher which makes the recognition of potential vandal much simpler.

In case you have multiple premises around Melbourne, we offer a perfect solution to keep full control over them at all times. Commercial multi-Site CCTV Melbourne is the answer you are looking for.

It Prevents Employee Theft

Although you hope that your new employee is a person of integrity, you shouldn’t leave that to a chance. Employee theft is not such a common issue in Melbourne, but these things do happen and installing a CCTV may be a way out. Besides placing the cameras inside the main premise and above the cash register, the good idea is to put them in storage too. This is how you will keep all your goods where they are supposed to be. This also prevents your customers to ‘accidentally’ enter the back room and treat themselves to some expensive spirits.

It Keeps the Customers Behaving Civilised

The fact that you have an easily visible commercial electronic security system like CCTV could prevent any irrational or violent behaviours. By reminding your customers that they are being actively monitored, most will avoid committing the crime due to a higher risk of getting arrested with a handful of solid video surveillance evidence. This is why CCTV is one of the most popular and reliable commercial security systems in Melbourne.

No matter where you are located at the time, you can easily track the activities at your bar or pub with the advanced commercial CCTV Melbourne service. Since we only operate with high-quality equipment, you can be sure that your footage will be crystal clear and successfully used for potential perpetrator’s identification.

For a Full Control Over Your Premises, Contact Your Commercial CCTV Melbourne Specialists Today

For a business owner, having a prolonged awareness and control over any matter that happens on the site is reassuring and much needed. We completely understand that, so we provide a fast and easy CCTV installation at any Melbourne address and its surroundings.

Each business is different, so we tend to keep our offer fully customised. Whatever your case, you can rest assured that our professional team will find the most adequate commercial security system for your Melbourne business premise.