Having a home security system installed in your home is a great step towards keeping you, your family, and your possessions safe. Texplex Solutions offer a wide range of security and installation options to suit your requirements and property. Our premium electronic security systems are durable and multi-faceted, but like many things in life, care and maintenance can keep them working well for longer. 

We make sure your home security maintenance and repair needs are covered. We offer personalised plans on an annual or bi-annual basis, checking the operation status and cleaning and servicing your system as required.  

There are several reasons why home security systems should be maintained and serviced. Talk to the team at Texplex Solutions to find out how we can assist you.


Be Proactive For The Sake Of Home Security 

As well-made as our security systems are, anything technological or electrical can be subject to faults and damage at one time or another. Rather than letting these issues develop, anticipating potential problems and putting measures in place that will prevent these can significantly improve the functionality and longevity of the system.  

Regular servicing can also identify problems that may otherwise go unnoticed until your safety is compromised. Some faults can get worse if not attended to promptly, which can lead to costly repairs that may suspend your security against unwanted events.  

Subsequently, it is important to understand the reasons why security systems do require maintenance. As they are complex entities, there are several reasons they may be at risk of succumbing to problems, so there are several points that should be focused on during maintenance. 


Conduct Regular Function Tests 

Looking for technical errors and failures as well as physical damage can prevent issues occurring at the moment you need your security system to do its job. When we carry out the appropriate tests for your setup, we can identify any problems and get to work correcting these issues. We can also prevent issues arising during this process by being aware of when something may need attention down the track, even though it is functioning satisfactorily at the time of the test. 

Having our team perform these tests means that what needs to be assessed will be done so properly and extensively. We will also ensure that the process will not alert people unnecessarily.  


Avoid False Alarms  

One of the main benefits of having a home security system is being able to monitor your property and be alerted to specific events at the time that they are occurring, such as intruders or property damage. The last thing you want is for an alarm to alert you, your neighbours, your security team, or the emergency services when nothing untoward is actually happening. 

Prevent the stress, costs, and embarrassment caused by false alarms due to faulty, outdated, or neglected home security systems.


Prevent Hacks And Attacks 

Today’s security options largely rely on technology and electronics. This means that intrusions of a digital nature can occur, which may lead to significant problems. 

Updating software is a vital part of a maintaining your security network. We can improve your cyber security, decreasing the risk of hackers making their way into your system. If this occurred, your home security could be disarmed or altered, increasing your vulnerability to unwanted visitors or dangerous faults. Your personal information may also be at risk during a network attack, such as financial details and your address.  

There are various resources and equipment that can require updating, such as CCTV monitors and cameras.


Demonstrate Your Security Strength 

As well as alerting you or the emergency services of issues on your property, security systems can demonstrate to would-be intruders and burglars that your home is protected. If they can see tell-tale signs of faults or damage, this threat decreases, which means your security system may not deter them.


Keeping Your Home Safe Requires System Maintenance 

At Tekplex, we are experienced in installing home security systems that suit each home’s specific needs. We also take maintenance seriously because we know the consequences of outdated or neglected systems.  

Our team of consultants will assist you with your security requirements to increase your safety, as well as prevent, identify, and repair any issues that may arise.