We’re in a time of mass technological growth. Within the past decade alone, we’ve seen surveillance technology boom. New systems, new features, new devices. Suddenly, the market can seem overwhelming! Any property owner is going to have a wide variety of advanced and affordable options available for security systems to protect their home or business. 

So, why stick with closed-circuit television (CCTV) security cameras? Are they still just as reliable and helpful as they were ten years ago? Here are ten amazing benefits to be enjoyed with CCTV cameras.

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Benefit #1 – Peace of Mind 

Having security cameras helps you to rest easy. From a business standpoint, CCTV cameras can help you and your employees to feel safer. You never need to stay up at night worrying about the safety of your property when you know your assets are protected. Why not give yourself some peace of mind?

Benefit #2 – Deterring Crime

Research shows that the mere presence of CCTV is going to deter crime. Simply seeing a security camera, or evidence that one could be near, is going to throw off a thief or burglar. They want to target vulnerable properties, not homes or businesses that are obviously protected.

Benefit #3 – Hard Evidence

So, what if something does happen? In the case of a break-in or robbery, having CCTV is still going to help you out. Suddenly, you’ve got hard evidence of what happened to your property. How they got in, where they targeted, and possibly even a clear image of the perpetrator’s face. Prosecuting has suddenly gotten a whole lot easier!

Benefit #4 – Monitoring Activity

Having a CCTV system gives you a real-time log of everything happening on your property. By placing security cameras strategically across the building, you can keep track of everything going on at your business at any given moment. Keep out unauthorised visitors, protect your employees, and rest assured that nothing is going to slip by unnoticed.

Benefit #5 – Maintaining Records

Accidents happen. Be it staffing issues, an OH&S violation, or an unwanted visitor slipping through the cracks – you want to have a record of it all. You can keep records of when staff come on and off site, keep a record of delivery times, and generally ensure everything in your business is running smoothly.

Benefit #6 – Integration into Security Systems

CCTV cameras play an integral role in a broader security system. They can work brilliantly in conjunction with other pre-existing installations, such as an alarm system. When an alarm is triggered, you can have it linked up to notify you via mobile phone, where you will then be able to access your CCTV footage to assess the situation and react accordingly.

Benefit #7 – Affordable Quality

As technology has progressed, security cameras have become endlessly more affordable and accessible for the average person. CCTV home and business installation is relatively cost-effective, and the advantages vastly outweigh the costs involved. You can get HD footage of your premises without burdening your wallet all that much!

Benefit #8 – Remote Control

Plenty of modern CCTV setups are going to include an internet connection. This doesn’t just mean cloud storage for saved footage – it means that you can sync up various devices to your security cameras. Control your CCTV and access live feeds from your cameras from wherever you are in the world, all with a few clicks of your mobile phone!

Benefit #9 – Lowered Insurance Premium

Having CCTV installed is great for insurance companies. In fact, many providers will reduce your insurance premium if you have security cameras installed on your property. Reach out to your insurer to find out whether you could have a discount on your premium.

Benefit #10 – Easy Controls 

You don’t need to be a tech genius to run a great security camera system. Even the most technologically inept of us have the capacity to learn the ins and outs of CCTV, reviewing footage and troubleshooting without too much trouble. CCTV is a simple and accessible solution for all your security needs!


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