As the business grows, it increases the need for additional space to store the goods, documents or materials. This is the point where you will consider buying or renting a warehouse facility, and what comes with it, is a great responsibility.

Warehouses are a common target for burglars and employee theft, so you need to make sure to make them as secure as possible. Besides automated alarm systems and electronic access control, one of the crucial components that improve warehouse security is CCTV. It stands for Closed-Circuit Television and it consists of multiple video cameras that are actively monitoring the property for you 24/7. By placing them in an organised manner, you and your security crew will be able to see what’s happening inside and outside the warehouse whenever needed. Moreover, you can do that remotely.

It is a known fact that CCTV is one of the essential security features for both private and commercial properties, but we will share with you some insights into how CCTV improves warehouse security, and more importantly, how it can prevent any criminal activities.

Your Warehouse is Monitored and Protected 24/7

If your warehouse is operating non-stop and it includes a huge amount of people and goods flow, you will need to invest in a security system that will not only deter the intruders but gather clear evidence for the authorities if it comes to any issues.

With CCTV, you can cover hidden areas like rear entrances that are usually convenient for some kind of criminal activities. Besides securing your private property, you will help your employees feel much safer knowing that there are cameras around, especially when it comes to places with less light.

Remote Monitoring

This is particularly helpful if you have multiple areas to monitor, or if you are in charge of a, particularly large warehouse. The surveillance footage from the cameras is automatically sent to remote monitoring stations operated by professional security staff. As soon as there is any suspicious activity at the site, the signal is immediately being sent to the control room where adequate steps are being taken.

We at Tekplex offer 24 hours monitoring services for a reasonable price since our ultimate goal is to make your premises secure as much as possible. If you want to self-monitor your warehouse, we can easily connect CCTV and alarms to your smart device, and all you need for this is an internet connection.

CCTV Serves as A Crime Deterrent

The fact that we’ve been recorded and monitored can influence greatly how we behave, so CCTV is a great tool in crime prevention. Since the CCTV footage serves as solid and legitimate evidence, the person is less likely to commit a crime if there are visible cameras at the warehouse. But even if the criminal activity has been performed, the CCTV footage will certainly help in finding the culprit.

That is why it is extremely important to invest in high-quality and HD CCTV that can provide the utmost clear footage. Besides this, make sure to choose the ones that have additional features like low light capabilities, which is especially useful for parking lots and rear entrances.


As you can see, the answer to the questions “Is it true that CCTV improves warehouse security?” is – yes, it does. If you need a reliable team of safety specialists to design and install such a security system in your warehouse, you can count on Tekplex Solutions. We offer rapid installation and maintenance services anywhere in the Melbourne area. We will make sure to find the best security solutions for your warehouse facility, no matter the size and its purpose. Turn to us if you need a CCTV repair or any kind of improvement, or give us a call today for a brand new CCTV installation.