CCTV is one of the essential components for any commercial and residential property which can significantly enhance the safety within the premises. With the power to prevent break-ins and reduce vandalism alongside minimising staff incidents, investing in quality video surveillance is highly advised. 

On the other hand, if the equipment is not properly maintained and the ongoing issues were disregarded, it is most probable that the CCTV will not be able to perform with its full capacity. Your CCTV could experience both minor complications that include bright spots and snowy bars on the screen and those which clearly state that it’s no longer ready to serve you at all. Malfunctions can happen even if you take good care of your CCTV, but the possibility is certainly much higher if that’s not the case.

Therefore, the first thing to consider is hiring a professional team for regular security system maintenance. However, how can you know when it’s time for CCTV repair or replacement? Maybe you are annoyed by frequent security camera repairs and just want to invest in some high-tech equipment and get the most of it? We’ll give you the answers just shortly, and in case you want to speak directly to our Melbourne security system specialists, don’t hesitate to give us a call now. 

Outdated CCTV Security System is a Call for a Replacement

If the video surveillance footage is poor quality and can’t provide the visual information you are seeking, it is time to invest in a new CCTV installation. CCTV footage can be taken as a legitimate piece of evidence in court, but only if the picture is clear and authentic enough. Even if you plan to use it just for your convenience, what’s the purpose of having the cameras that deliver bad-quality footage?

There is a great selection of HD CCTV equipment for the proactive surveillance process, and all you have to do is turn to the right installers. 

No Picture or Inability to Record? You May Need Just a Minor CCTV Camera Repair

The first thing to cross your mind when you see a black screen is that your CCTV experienced a complete breakdown. Or the picture is visible, but the recording process is interrupted? In both cases, you should hire a professional to deal with the matter, because it is most likely there is an issue with the power supply, wiring or cables. 

This is usually a quick CCTV camera repair only if the installation procedure was done appropriately. In other words, if the motion detection zones are out of place or not sensitive enough, that might be what’s stopping the camera from recording. These and similar issues might include more complex adjustments or even a full replacement in some cases. 

Inadequately Placed or Wired CCTV Can Cause Short Circuit

Some basic CCTV camera versions can include a DIY solution, but if you hope to get the most of your video surveillance, it’s best to let the specialists take care of the installation. The golden rule for each CCTV professional is to never mount cameras on the metal surface. Besides providing you with a static-like image, it may seriously damage the equipment and overall electrical system at the premises. The CCTV replacement is unavoidable at that point. 


As soon as you notice any malfunction, you should turn to your trusted security camera expert. A timely CCTV repair can prolong its life and save your money in the long run. Needless to say, security cameras will maintain their ultimate purpose if appropriately taken care of – keeping you, your family and employees safe. Keep in mind that it all starts with the proper installation and equipment selection, so make sure that the job is performed by professional security system installers.