The old adage says that prevention is better than cure, but can this be applied to home security? Can installing a system involving options such as CCTV, alarms, intercoms, and lights be as effective as you may expect when it comes to preventing criminal activity? 

Making sure your home is secure against would-be invaders and burglars is an important part of keeping you, your family, and your assets safe. Security systems can have disadvantages and advantages: they aren’t foolproof, but they can make a difference in deterring lawbreakers and avoiding dangerous situations.  

Our team at Tekplex Solutions provides and installs a wide variety of security systems that can help to increase the safety of your home. Contact us to find out how our products and equipment can help to deter unwanted activity occurring on your property.


Why Install A Home Security System? 

There are a variety of reasons that may lead you to deciding to put a security system in place. These may include: 

  •     An increase in the occurrence of criminal activity in your neighbourhood.
  •     A desire to improve the safety of the residents, especially vulnerable people such as children and the elderly.
  •     The ability to pay lower home insurance premiums.
  •     Reducing the risk of unexpected expenses for property repairs and the replacement of possessions. 
  •     Setting up for an easier process of identifying, catching, and prosecuting criminals if an event does occur.


How Can A Home Security System Deter Criminals? 

Home security systems can be personalised to suit your requirements and property type. Depending on your needs, we can help you create a system that provides you with peace of mind. But how will it stop criminals from choosing your property? 

Security measures such as cameras and intercoms send a clear message to people who may be lining up to enter your property uninvited: this home has measures in place that could alert people of your presence and record your identity and actions. Other options such as alarms can swiftly involve the emergency services, the property owner, security watch teams and neighbours, and CCTV footage can go a long way in court. Criminals know and want to avoid this. 

When looking for a home to target, criminals often choose homes that: 

  •     Lack signs of a security system.
  •     Appear simple to break into or enter due to concealed, weakened, or unprotected access points.
  •     Are located in low-traffic areas, such as rural regions and cul-de-sacs.
  •     Demonstrate the possibility of valuable assets or vulnerable residents.
  •     Seem unattended or empty. 

Installing options such as intercom systems can add another step for criminals to get into your property, which makes it more difficult and less attractive. Making your home well-lit can also help, whether you are home or not.

When people consider installing cameras and alarms on their property, a common assumption is that they should be concealed to catch out the perpetrator. However, security features that are on show can decrease the appeal of your home. If this is the case, won’t fake equipment and signs be just as effective – and cheaper? In a word, no. This method may deter some people, but more experienced criminals can tell the difference.


Is A Home Security System Reliable? 

Because security is largely based on technology and electronic systems these days, they can gain results quickly and comprehensively. However, they can also be subject to faults, failures, and breaches. These may present in various aspects and levels of the security system, such as false alarms, damaged cameras, and digital hacking. Carrying out regular functionality tests, software updates, cleaning, servicing, and maintenance where required can decrease the chance of these issues occurring.  

Other issues do exist that may decrease the ability of a security system to deter criminals. These may involve factors such as unclear footage due to the angle of the camera or bad weather, or the tampering of equipment. Our team can advise the best ways to avoid these problems as much as possible, install only high-quality equipment, and service your equipment when required.


Tekplex Solutions Can Help You Prevent Your Home Being Targeted 

Having a security system in place can show criminals that your home is protected and that if they go ahead with their plans, they could be caught and identified. Even when systems do not work as effectively as homeowners would like, they generally do not increase the attraction of your home as a place to target! 

Overall, there are many benefits of having a home security system in place. At Tekplex Solutions, we can advise you on the most suitable options for your property and provide and install these products. Contact us to put in place security measures that can help to deter crime occurring in your home.