CCTV Installation Richmond

Keep your home and business safe with a CCTV security system from Tekplex Solutions.

CCTV Installation Richmond

CCTV Installation Richmond

You can rely on a trusted set of eyes to keep an eye on your investment, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or both. CCTV security systems give you peace of mind. You can go about your day, worry-free, without worrying about your family, employees, inventory, or building.

About CCTV

CCTV is a 24 hour security system that keeps an eye on your business or home 24/7. CCTV can be set up to monitor your home and business 24/7 so you are alerted immediately if there is any criminal activity. CCTV cameras can be set up indoors and outdoors where footage is recorded live and saved for later viewing. You’ll be able to see the incident as it occurs.

CCTV Richmond

Why install CCTV in your Richmond home or business?

Deter Crime

Criminal Deterrent

Your CCTV system will make it less likely that a criminal targets your home or business.

CCTV Installation Richmond

Lower Insurance

Insurance will be cheaper if CCTV systems are used to deter criminals.

Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection

The CCTV system allows you to view angles that are normally not visible, without the need to travel and inspect yourself.

Protect Your Assets

Safety and Security

You can rest easy knowing that your family is safe and that thieves are unlikely to target your employees.

CCTV Installation Richmond

Criminal Detection

To report any criminal activity that occurs on your premises, you will have video evidence.

CCTV Monitoring

View From Anywhere

Whether you’re at home, across the road, or across the country, you can check on what’s happening any time you like.

CCTV security systems Richmond

CCTV Success

A home or business with a high-quality CCTV system installed is a dream many people share. At home, your family will be able to come and go with ease, knowing that any potential criminals will likely be deterred by the technology. At work, it’ll always be business as usual knowing your building and employees are safe. Whether you’re at home, work, on the other side of town, or the other side of the world, knowing you can check in on what’s happening can bring you that invaluable peace of mind.

Multi-Site CCTV Installation

You need reliable and affordable CCTV systems to protect your buildings and locations. Our team of experts at Tekplex Solutions are experienced in installing CCTV in multiple locations. They will ensure your investment is protected, no matter where it is.

Tekplex Solutions can install CCTV cameras in all areas, from your shop floor to your warehouse and carpark. If you are confident that you have everything covered, there is no need to pick and chose and risk losing out.

Multi-Site CCTV Installation Richmond

CCTV security systems Richmond

Get CCTV at Your Premises

A CCTV security system can help you achieve safety. Our high-quality equipment offers 24/7 monitoring and playback as well as the ability to view any time from anywhere. You can relax knowing that you are protected.

Your Questions Answered

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. Closed-circuit means the information the camera records is only available to those monitors within the network, meaning it can only be viewed by you and those you choose to give access to.

CCTV works by a camera, or multiple cameras, recording the activity in the area they’re pointed towards. It records the information and transmits it to the display monitor, whether that be a surveillance centre, your computer, or even your phone.

CCTV security systems act as a criminal deterrent by letting criminals know they’re being watched. Even if this doesn’t discourage them, the sophisticated cameras will record any activity so that you can take the footage to law enforcement if you choose.

IP network CCTV is a CCTV security system that works digitally, much like a webcam, and requires cat 5 or 6 network cable to operate. At Tekplex Solutions we can design and install the fibre cables needed from scratch, or attach IP network CCTV to existing network cables. With IP network CCTV, you can view the recorded images from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Yes, we are located in Melbourne for all your home and business CCTV installation needs. Our knowledgeable and local team of consultants will come to you with our tech experience and personal approach, bringing you optimum security and high-quality products at an affordable price.

CCTV For All Settings in Melbourne

CCTV at your home


Your home is where you feel safe and secure. You can have the security and peace of mind that you and your family deserve with CCTV installed in your home. CCTV at home, in addition to providing 24/7 monitoring, is a great way to deter crime and provide valuable information should an unfortunate event occur.

Commercial/ Public Sector

Commercial/ Public Sector

Modern organizations, in both public and private sectors, are no longer able to ignore security. CCTV is one of most essential security measures that you can take to secure your assets, premises, and employees. Tekplex Solutions is the best commercial CCTV company in Melbourne.

Industrial CCTV


Industrial sites house hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars worth of assets and goods overnight. Unfortunately, this often makes them a target for crime. Protecting your premises and goods with CCTV is an easy way to do this. Don’t delay – call today!

Why Choose Tekplex Solutions?

Tekplex Solutions can provide a high quality CCTV security system to protect your Melbourne business or home. We offer reliable service at a reasonable price. Our local knowledge allows us to understand your needs. With more than 10 years of industry experience, a wealth knowledge on products, procedures, and a personal and friendly approach, our goal is to offer the best CCTV security for your business or home.



We have over 10 years’ experience installing CCTV security system. You know we are safe.



All members of our team are experts in their fields and can offer you advice you can trust.

Local Business

Local Business

We understand Melbourne as Melbourne locals.

CCTV Installation Service Area

Ready to Install CCTV?

Tekplex Solutions offers CCTV security Melbourne. There’s a security system that can protect your property, whether indoors or outside, whether you’re at home, your workplace, or your warehouse. Contact our friendly, professional team to get the assurance that CCTV provides.