Strata Security Systems Melbourne

There is no better way to keep your residential or commercial property safe than using our dependable strata security systems Melbourne. We have helped numerous clients protect their homes, office spaces as well as everyone inside those premises with custom-tailored security solutions.

Even if you already have this type of system, but you want to improve it, we can help you identify weaknesses or opportunities to strengthen your security. You will not have to worry about anything because our professional staff will be there to inspect everything and suggest the best options for improvement. With us by your side, all tenants and residents will have peace of mind knowing that their personal property is protected by our innovative strata security systems Melbourne. 

Besides improving your existing security system, we can tailor a completely new one within your budget. You can explain to us what you need, or you can let our certified technicians check-up the site and suggest the best strata security solution. Whatever you need, we will be there to make it happen and to make your property safe. 

Our service covers access control systems, alarms, CCTV systems, and intercom systems, including:

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Fresh installations

access control

Upgrades of existing legacy systems

data measuring

Tailored maintenance plans on a monthly, annual or bi-annual basis

Our main goal is to provide a service tailored to your needs, which is why we work closely with you to better understand your requirements before we start a job. Our team of technicians will suggest the best solutions for your type of building or property, so you can pick a system that fits your needs and your budget.


In terms of our experience, we have worked on a range of different sites from high end boutique apartments to large multi-use residential/commercial spaces.

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Benefits of Security and Access Control Systems for Strata Buildings

Not sure if your strata building will benefit from enhanced security and access control? Our dedicated staff will be there to explain to you all the advantages of the custom-tailored strata security systems we offer, and below you will find just a few of them. 

Using access control and CCTV systems in your strata premises is an excellent way to enhance the safety and manage the flow of people through your site. Installing a CCTV system and modern access control technology will:

  • Act as a deterrent for theft and malicious damage for residents
  • Provide evidence for any insurance claims resulting from theft
  • Give you enhanced access control, like auto-locking of selected common areas
  • Provide coverage of key common areas such as lobbies, car-parks and outdoor area/gardens
  • Help ensure owners and tenants comply with strata regulations and by-laws
  • Deter parking issues such as unauthorised parking and visitor parking issues
  • Prevent illegal garbage dumping and fly-tipping on common property

These are just some of the most common problems that strata property managers and owners are dealing with, but as you can see, they can be easily resolved with our access control and CCTV systems. All you have to do is to get in touch with us, and we will help you protect and better organise your strata property.  

Premium Electronic Security and Access Control for Strata Buildings

No matter what is the size and type of the building, whether it is a commercial or residential property, you can rely on us. Every member of our staff has vast experience in providing this type of service, so you can be sure that we will be able to meet your expectations.

Our premium service covers a range of projects that strata buildings and complexes regularly request, including:

  • Site audits to identify and resolve vulnerabilities
  • Upgrades of existing CCTV/access control systems
  • Management of systems including FOB management
  • Additions to existing systems
  • Ongoing maintenance to honour Service Level Agreements, and to ensure systems continue to work as they should

Our services are not limited to those listed above, so in case you have something else on your mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we guarantee that our knowledgeable and fully-licensed technicians will be able to create an adequate strata security system for you. Our innovative solutions and dedicated approach will help you keep up with the times and to let potential intruders know your strata building is well protected. 

Contact Us Today and Get The Best Start Security System Melbourne

You can save a lot of money by implementing our modern strata security solutions. Whether you need a completely new system, or you want us to improve the one you are already using, our experienced staff will be up to the task. 

You can give us a call or send an email at any time, and we will give our best to provide all the information you need as soon as possible. In case you want to discuss all the details with us in person, we can schedule a meeting at the time and date that suit you best. 

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