5 Reasons to Install a Monitored Security System

When it comes to a security system, there are many available options on the market. You can choose the DIY option, or hire a professional company that provides installation as well as constant monitoring service. The cameras you can buy and install on your own seem like a more affordable solution, it is important [...]

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How to Secure a Holiday Rental Property?

Opening your home to holidaymakers for short or long-term stays can bring you extra profit, but it can also cause you a headache in case you do not protect your property adequately. Sometimes your guests might lose their keys and that can cause unauthorised access to your rental house later. On the other side, [...]

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Top Home Automation Trends for 2021

Since we have all spent too much time at home during 2020, most people started to think of the different tech additions that can make life a bit easier. Because of that, smart home systems became very popular, since they give you a chance to control different appliances in your home from a smart [...]

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Best Ways to Keep Your Security Cameras Safe from Hackers

One of the best ways to protect your home is the installation of security camera systems. However, since they can be accessed over the internet, they can be a perfect gateway for hackers to spy on you. Because of that, many people don't want to use these devices, because they are afraid they will [...]

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