Besides primarily taking care that your business is staying on the right course, one of the main concerns is whether the establishment, employees and visitors within it are well-protected at all times. This is where a solid and well-developed commercial building access control system comes into the spotlight. 

Multiple daily tasks and actions which include access controlling, restricting particular areas and overall commercial building monitoring are entrusted to a sophisticated electronic security system that operates by utilising electronic keys (the tags) to release the door locks. Even though mechanical keys served us well for so long, they couldn’t answer the growing demands for improved security within a company. On the other hand, the access control system offered simplicity, enhanced control and cloud-based data storage which happened to be exactly what the businesses needed – keyless access control.

Stay with us and learn what are the hottest commercial building access control systems right now and learn for yourself how you can make your business premises more secure. 

Pincode Access Control System

This is probably the most common and simple commercial building access control system, and it will remain widely used throughout 2021 and further. As you imagine, there is a keyboard included as an integrated part of the main control panel, and to get an authorized entry, a person must be familiar with the correct 4-digit code. The device itself is stand-alone, so it requires minimum maintenance.

Because of the keyboard exposure and visibility, it is best to include a Pin Code access control system inside the building. Companies usually put in front of the bathroom, break-rooms or cantina where they fit perfectly. 

Card Reader Access Control System 


Card readers offer enhanced security due to the increased complexity of their operations. There are two types of this system where the first one is defined as the ‘’insertion’’ type (you get to insert the card into the reader), and the second one is known as ‘’proximity’’ type (the card is held near the reader). Both have the same intention – to electronically read the access card and grant or deny entry based on the received data. Everything from an employee’s name to his or her position and photo can be printed on it, and the device operates via smartcard technology. 

They are widely used to restrict access to certain zones, which is especially useful for your company’s visitors, executives or vendors. 

Fingerprint or Biometric Access Control System 


Broadly used in middle and large-sized business establishments, this access security system promises a high level of security. Even though they have been used for commercial purposes for years now, the latest technology developments backed them up with more useful features. Aside from collecting data of each entry and storing it on the cloud, these systems operate with time-based control. This makes keeping track of each employee’s punch-in and punch-out times much easier than before. 

Fingerprint scanning is the most selected option and therefore most affordable, while the iris and retinal scan recognition come with a higher price but more accountability. Another option that is most definitely growing its popularity is biometric access control through facial recognition. It is known as the fastest form of access control ID since it needs not more than one second to determine the person’s eligibility to enter the building. However, if the employee grows facial hair, loses or gains weight, the access may be wrongfully denied. 

We at Tekplex Solution offer various types of commercial building access control systems and guarantee prompt and utterly professional installation and maintenance. To make your business premises as protected as possible, we can create a customised security chain that includes alarms, CCTV and intercom system integration with the commercial access security system of your choice. Give us a call today and ensure yourself a professional consideration of one of the best security system experts in Melbourne.