Remote Viewing Melbourne – Smart phone equals smart home

Having the ability to check on your home or business from your smartphone is priceless, and what if we tell you that our staff can design and instal a remote viewing system for you at any part of Melbourne? It sounds like an excellent idea, isn’t it?

We offer the latest technologies and customised solutions that will fit all your needs, no matter if you need this type of system to check up on your employees, or to make sure that your home is safe while you are out of town. The system we design offers different performance levels, but one thing is common for all of them – you will have an easy Internet and smartphone viewing and control.

There is no need to pay a lot for hiring additional staff to monitor your business premises, or to ask your neighbours to check up on your home while you are away because you can contact us and pick a remote viewing system within your budget.

Access Your Premises Remotely Using our Systems

The possibility to remotely view and manage video surveillance in your home or office from anywhere in the world will give you peace of mind because you will be able to see what is happening at any time. 

Whether you want to use this to check the activities in your business building, or to make sure that your home is safe, our remote viewing Melbourne is an excellent choice. You will be able to access your premises easily and quickly no matter if you are in another part of the city or a completely different state.  We guarantee real-time monitoring of your home or office whenever you need it.

You will only need a stable internet connection and a smart device to remotely access your property. Our staff will explain to you how everything works, and how to install and use the app to access the remote viewing system we designed for you. 

How Does Our Remote Viewing System Work?

Once our staff has completed the installation of the system, the video recorder will be connected to the internet just like any other device (PC or Mac) by plugging it into your router. The entire remote access will be performed through this connection. After the connection is made, we will make several adjustments and you will be able to access your surveillance system from any device connected to the internet.

If the security concerns you, you can relax because you will need to set up a unique username and password to access the remote viewing system, so nobody else will be able to use it, unless you permit them. As soon as the installation of the surveillance system is finished, and the internet connection is set, you will need to install a software application on your smart device because through that app you will be able to access your system. If you are not sure whether you will be able to install the app by yourself, don’t worry because we can do that for you. Our staff will be at your service from start to finish, and we will not leave your property until we are sure that you understand how the system works, and how you can access it. 

Start Using The Advantages of Remote Viewing Melbourne Today

Don’t wait another minute, and get in touch with us to schedule an appointment and find the best remote viewing Melbourne solution for your property. We will be more than happy to explain to you all the details about this service, or the other access control and security solutions we provide.

Choosing us to help you increase the safety of your property means that you will have a team of license technicians by your side to provide support for the systems we installed for you. Do not accept average solutions, because we are here to provide professional service and cutting-edge security systems across Melbourne. 

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If you wish to discuss your individual needs with an expert from Tekplex Solutions, please contact us at any time.