Network & Data Cabling Melbourne

With more and more devices relying on an Internet connection to function optimally, a reliable network connection is a must. Whether you need to install a printer point or fit out a new office, Tekplex Solutions offers professional network and data cabling Melbourne service that you need. Hiring us is a guarantee that you will prevent poor cabling that leads to more downtown and lost profit because we will provide structured cabling tailored to your business’ needs. 

This will ensure that your system will be running smoothly as it should and that your employees who depend on it will remain productive. Our certified team of technicians offers a full-scale network cabling solutions, so you can be sure that we will be the trustworthy support that will allow you to do your business more efficiently. 

We understand that your business will grow over time, and that is why our network and data cabling Melbourne solutions are completely scalable. You can count on us to provide design, installation, maintenance, repair as well as upgrades of your structured network within your budget because everything we do is customized to your needs only.

Swift and Professional Design and Installation of Structured Network

Building adequate infrastructure for your structured network is the most important part of the process. Our well-versed team will work closely with you to better understand your requirements and create a system that will be bullet-proof and able to support a range of your business needs.

After we design a network for you, we will go through the plan with you, to explain everything to you and make sure you agree with the offer we created. You will have detailed information about the pricing too, and as soon as we make sure that everything suits you perfectly, we will be able to move to the next step – the installation. 

Once your infrastructure is complete, you can count on us to provide professional maintenance to ensure that your network is at peak performance all the time. We will suggest you maintenance package that fits your needs, but in case you have different requests, don’t hesitate to speak with us and we will adjust it to your requirements. 

We Offer a Complete Network and Data Cabling Solutions

Maybe you need us to take care of the demarcation points of your new ISP, run a site survey, prepare network infrastructure for your remote satellite office, or create a network from scratch for your new commercial building, we got your back. Our mission is to meet and exceed your expectations, and that’s why we have worked hard to ensure that we will be able to cover all your needs.

Our engineers are trained to deal with any issue, so no matter if it is a regular check, or emergency repair, or a full-scale WAN or LAN installation for your other branches, you can rely on us to deal with it with ease. Over the years we have been providing our services for various industries, so no matter what you need we will be able to take care of all your network cabling needs.

From indoor fibre, copper and phone cables, to data centre construction and network hardware installation, our experts will make sure that all the job is done hassle-free and on time. 

Book an Appointment for Your Network and Data Cabling Melbourne

Whether you want to improve existing network cabling, or you have just started a new business and want us to design and install infrastructure from scratch, you just have to call us or send us an email and we will get back to you shortly. 

We take pride in our consistency and accountability, and can’t wait to make you one of the many satisfied customers that we have across Melbourne.

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If you wish to discuss your individual needs with an expert from Tekplex Solutions, please contact us at any time.