Access Control Systems Melbourne

Using access control in your commercial premises is an excellent way to enhance the safety and manage the flow of people through your site. In case you are looking for the best solution for your or business facility, we will be there to design a system that fits your needs.

As an integral part of security systems, access control systems Melbourne that we provide can help you reduce theft and costs that could be caused by burglary. You can say goodbye to the traditional set of keys because you can use cards, fobs, or smartphones to enter your property. Since the access control system knows what areas of the building are occupied, it can also help you reduce energy bills by turning off unnecessary light in vacant areas.

Although access control is mostly used in commercial facilities, we can also design a system that will protect your home. Our team will be there to listen to all your requests and tailor a service according to your property.

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We Create a Unique Authorisation Template for You

In order to better explain to you how the access control system is working, we will focus on the three main questions that are its primary interest:


To be able to determine whether someone is allowed to enter the building or not, access control systems need to be able to identify visitors as well as vehicles. This can be done by using PINs, fingerprints or number plates when it comes to cars.


The access control needs to know where we would like to go, so it can determine whether it should let us to a particular area or not. This can be done by requesting transit through physical doors or vehicle gates.


After the identification and defining where we would like to go, the access system needs to know when we would like to access the building. This is mostly used to prevent employees access after the working hours, or during holidays, annual leave, etc.

Since an access control system works according to the authorisation template or profile that determines whether to allow or deny access, we will work closely with you to ensure that all important elements are considered.

Keyless Entry – Restricted Access Points for Commercial Properties

Our access control systems Melbourne will allow your business to manage the flow of authorised personnel into and out of regulated areas, completely restricting unauthorized entry to unwanted visitors and staff in restricted areas.

This is especially important in businesses which work with hazardous material because you will have a peace of mind knowing that only the people who had specialist training for working with such items will have access to those premises.

Besides the initial classification of who gets into the facility and who doesn’t, these systems can also be used to control who has access to each file cabinet or drawers with important documentations. As you can see, access control systems we provide are not only designed to protect your commercial property but your employees, its assets and its data.

Connect Access Control Systems With Other Elements of Security Chain

Besides access control, we offer installation and set up alarms, CCTV cameras, as well as intercom systems. No matter if you already have some sort of security system in your building, or you need us to design and install everything from scratch, we will be there to help.

Our team of dedicated experts will explain to you how everything works, and suggest the best solutions for your type of property, so you can pick the one that fits your needs and your budget perfectly.

If you wish to discuss your individual needs with an expert from Tekplex Solutions, please contact us at any time.