New alarm and access solution for warehouse

Case Study


New alarm and access solution for warehouse




Office/warehouse with part of warehouse sublet to another tenant.

The problem: The existing access control/alarm system needed to be removed and replaced as the 2 legacy systems were not compatible. In addition the management software was not very user friendly, and it was difficult for the client to add/change users – and the system was only accessible from a single PC that had the software installed.

The solution: We replaced the legacy system with an Inner Range Inception alarm/access control system which is user friendly and has more functionality, including remote access. The client can now allow/restrict access to the office/warehouse 24/7. As a portion of the warehouse is sub-let the system also only allows discreet access for the tenant during business hours (9am – 5pm).

The system has no software, and allows complete management via a web interface that is accessible from anywhere. Other major features of this installation include:

  • Alarm system auto disarms when a valid user enters through an access controlled door.
  • Alarm system will auto arm when no activity is detected for 1 hour (i.e. when nobody moves in front of a motion sensor)
  • When the alarm is armed all HVAC – lights, aircon etc are switched off.
  • Push notifications sent to owners mobile when anyone accesses and when the building/alarm activates. 

In addition the client’s mobile app allows remote access functionality to:

  • Arm/disarm the alarm
  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Turn on/off outputs that control lights/aircon etc
  • Add/change/delete users

The client can also run reports on users to identify exactly who accessed the building via which particular door at what time. The system also automatically emails a report of staff’s first and last access per day to their bookkeeper. This can be used as their timesheet/attendance records if required.


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