Multi-site CCTV security system with remote access for multiple users

Case Study


Multi-site CCTV security system with remote access for multiple users


Quality Blow Moulders


Dandenong South


Quality Blow Moulders (QBM) offers custom blow moulding solutions for the plastic packaging industry. They specialise in production of high quality HDPE, PVC and PET plastic bottles.

The problem: Quality Blow Moulders approached us after finding their existing CCTV/Security Service was wanting in many respects – particularly from a service point of view. Their operation also consists of 4 x separate warehouse/office spaces, and they needed to expand coverage of their CCTV network to the fourth warehouse

The solution: Equipment and functionality added with this project included:

  • CCTV/Wireless P2P Links wireless network links used to connect all 4 buildings to allow viewing/playback of all cameras by client.
  • All cameras record locally (within the local building)
  • All cameras viewed from the main office
  • All cameras remote viewed via PC software and mobile devices

The client now has a “fit for purpose” CCTV security system encompassing all 4 sites, with the ability for multiple users to remotely access the network. We also now look after all maintenance, upgrades and new installations on all the clients CCTV and security needs. Maintenance of an alarm or security system is essential for long term system integrity. Our tailored maintenance plans can help ensure your security system continues to operate at its optimal level


“Tekplex quickly and efficiently took control of our CCTV systems and very economically brought us up to date with new technology and rectified ongoing issues that we had experienced.They customised it all exactly to our needs and also within our budget! We have found them to be professional, efficient, prompt and economical in all aspects of the services they provide. We have no hesitation in recommending them to businesses both large and small – we are confident that they will provide a customised solution to any security or CCTV surveillance requirements. ”

George Psaras, Quality Blow Moulders

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