Managed 24 hour access control for Melbourne company with UK HQ

Case Study


Managed 24 hour access control for Melbourne company with UK HQ


Radius Telematics


Moorabbin, Melbourne


Radius Telematics provides user friendly software that gives vehicle-tracking information to over 250,000 business users worldwide. Vehicle hardware ranges from self-install devices to high-end equipment with dashboard cameras.

The problem: The client wanted to update their access control system at their Melbourne office, with everything linking back to their London-based HQ.

The solution: Working closely with their IT company (Luna ICT) we implemented the following features:

  • Managed 24 hour access
  • Access control key fobs managed by HR in the UK
  • Video intercom to verify visitors before allowing/denying access into Melbourne premises
  • Intercom entry panel with built in keypad and card reader
  • Access via key fob or pincode
  • Restricted access functionality on a per employee basis for access to communications/server room
  • Staff restricted access between business hours (8:30am – 6:00pm)
  • CCTV (Cisco Meraki) camera installed on entry, viewed from head office (UK)

With upgraded access control the client can now manage the flow of authorised personnel into and out of defined areas, completely restricting unauthorised entry to unwanted visitors and staff in restricted areas. CCTV with the Cisco Meraki ensures secure, remote monitoring and management of all areas covered from the UK, with no extra software required. This also adds another layer of security with live and recorded footage of designated areas for complete peace of mind.


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