Benefits of Access Control Systems for Office Buildings

Technological development is fast and relentless which usually serves us for the good. When it comes to access control systems for the office building, having a complex and utmost sophisticated solution is a must.  Those days when all we needed to keep us sleep well at night was traditional lock and key setup are [...]

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The Importance of Regular Alarm System Repair

The alarm system is manufactured and installed for one purpose only – to make our properties as secure as possible. When we are sure that the system is completely functional and ready to serve our needs, that helps us sleep better at night and worry less about possible property intrusions.  If you think about [...]

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Which Alarms to Choose for Your Warehouse?

Any storage facility including a small or sizable warehouse is an attractive target for burglars. No matter the value and price of the items inside the storage property, you want those goods to be safe and stay in your possession. Therefore, investing in the most adequate and high-quality alarm system will ensure your peace [...]

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4 Must-Have Elements of a Hotel Security System

Security is the crucial element in the hospitality industry and any high-end hotel will put it as a priority. After all, the reputation of such an establishment is built on the safety and overall comfort of its guests. If you are a hotel owner, being prepared for risks that include crime, fraud or anything [...]

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Can CCTV and Access Technology Systems Increase the Safety in Manufacturing?

Although the aforementioned systems are primarily used as efficient security solutions, their benefits are significantly broader. Manufacturing complexes contain numerous restricted areas which may present a serious safety risk for unauthorised personnel. On the other hand, if the machines used in everyday work, which are already potentially dangerous for an employee, have some additional [...]

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Why is the CCTV System Good for Bars and Pubs?

Due to the constant and high flow of various people alongside long opening hours and equally extended alcohol consumption, commercial electronic security is an essential part of any hospitality establishment that fits the description. Besides the fact that it’s making your customers and employees feel safer, commercial CCTV is keeping your premises more secure [...]

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How to Choose a Retail Security System?

Theft is considered to be one of the main threats for retailers and once it happens, it can have a huge impact on your business. No matter if you own an art studio, or a grocery store, leaving your retail without a proper security system will not give you a good night’s sleep. Nowadays, [...]

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How You Can Simplify Access Control In Office With Go Mobile Access?

Have you ever been thinking about how much money you spend every year on new ID cards, changing locks and re-keying? When you calculate all these costs, you will realise that we are speaking about the budget that is enough to cover almost all fees of replacing all of the physical access control credentials [...]

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5 Reasons to Invest in Access Control and Security System for Educational Facilities

When it comes to educational facilities, keeping students and staff safe is of the utmost importance. However, creating a security system for this type of building is very challenging and it has to be carefully designed to cover all crucial elements. There are different staff at school, universities or kindergartens, from students and professors, [...]

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Things to Consider Before Installing a Body Corporate Security System

No matter if you are a Melbourne body corporate manager or a property owner, you will need the security of the property you own or manage, as well as all of its tenants. Together with technology development, the security systems evolved too, so today there are numerous available options on the market. However, you [...]

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